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Audio Books

This page includes all of the books I currently have in my Audible library. I will add any new ones that I purchase. Click on a book for the summary and my comment (if I’ve listened to it already).

How to Listen

Get account information from Rob

With the iOS app, you can download any of these books to listen to at any time. Once downloaded, they’re on your iPhone/iPad and doesn’t require any signal. It will also remember where you leave off when you close the app.

Web Browser
This link will open the audible library in your browser. You can stream the books right there, or download them to the computer if you want. Keep in mind, you won’t see the library until you’re logged in.

Currently available

Want a different book?

Visit audible.com and log in with the account details from Rob. At the top-right of the page, you should see a circle with a number that indicates how many credits are available to spend. If there’s (1) or more, then feel free to browse books and use the credit on anything you like. There’s a new credit available every month, and I have much more than I can listen to in a month!