Project Planning

Concept sketch

I took a Friday off from work and honestly it’s hard to get my head out of work, and although I might still be thinking of interfaces, I’m playing and attempting to abstract.

I have been trying out some of the new Adobe apps for iPad and I’ve thus far created one sketch of a UI for work purposes, but attempting to come back to the Sketch or Line apps as a utility has been difficult – it’s just not quick enough for sketching and hardly flexible enough for real work. This doesn’t mean the apps are pointless, however. I think they’re a great place to let your mind wander, and without any specific objective, letting the unique toolkit shape your imagination can produce something unexpected. I think it’s impractical for productivity, but sufficient for creativity.

I’ve recently returned to my chrono-map concept – definitely needs a real name – and I’ve been encouraged by some new sources of research. This afternoon in a calm, but rhythmic Swedish café I aimlessly sketched and it surfaced an initial outline of how I want the service to look.

A simple place of pure fiction

chrono-map concept sketch

Emphasis on map. Subtle timeline, yet hinting at how much change or how many events occur along the line. Brief (optional) background info cards. Option to add new data point, or edit existing moments. Open wiki style sourcing of content.