Figuring it out

This is probably a crude way to put it, but —apart from my Spanish degree— I think most of what I do today has started in some sense by simply “figuring it out.” Notice I don’t say figuring it out on my own. I’ve had some amazing opportunities and wonderful friends to get me where I am today.

I’m not going into the long and winding story of how I became an Interaction Designer, because I just explained it all to my good friend Josh. Another thing that I will soon be figuring out is mentorship. Josh told me that he’s interested in the type of work that I do and wonders where to get started. I told him the aforementioned long and winding story, emphasizing that people I’ve met seem to come into this profession from different angles. Ultimately, it boils down to interest, and letting that interest drive you.

Fully aware that I’m not an expert with a decade of experience, I still think that there is plenty I can help him with. Take the analogy of the musician that gives piano lessons to beginner students. At a certain point, they may need to graduate to a more experienced teacher, but if they’re wanting to learn, and you’re able to make yourself available, then let the learning happen!

So that’s all. I thought it would be nice to mark this occasion with a note in my blog. Maybe I’ll keep this updated with my experiences as we progress. So far, I’ve given him some homework and we’ll take it from there.

Here’s to figuring it out!