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5 Lessons In UI Design, From A Breakthrough Museum

Local Projects designed new interactive galleries for the Cleveland Museum of Art. They look pretty cool, but more importantly, the article points out 5 aspects of the UI that were a success. My favorite (#3) is something I’ve been waiting for is the indoor map – I think google promised this at one point, I haven’t seen it – but they take it even further by letting you pick out your favorite pieces and an iPad generates a personal tour.

In the end, the exhibits that Local Projects have created for the Cleveland Museum of Art work because they’re a kind of Trojan Horse. They’re designed to elicit a certain amount of gee-whiz amazement. But they contain nuggets of real curatorial insight that go down easy simply because they’re fun. As Barton told me, “Nothing ages worse than the newest latest gizmo. The tech experiences that last always tell a deep story or let people tell a story.”
Cliff Kuang, FastCo

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