Aside: development roadmap

After a few months of posting frequently, I now see how a lot of this should be reorganized. I’m going to avoid changing the theme as much as I can, but might switch up a few things:

Descriptive titles
“Link drop” won’t suffice if there are so many of them
Categories overhaul
These were originally created for aspects of a web portfolio and don’t speak to the site as it is now. I’ll be ripping out old categories and surveying the existing content for some appropriate categorization.
Archive is where?
Yeah. It bothers me too. There’s no decent archive, and that’s the fault of this theme, but shouldn’t be too hard to implement.
Maybe this is a case of header-blindness, but I immediately skip to content below the current header image on this home page. That means I forget about search and don’t “see” it. Need to reconsider placement (and style).
Design Elements
I’ve been running off a few things included with the theme (such as this great “dictionary definition” list style), and thumbnails from Kuvva, but the site deserves more attention. I can fashion some less cumbersome thumbnail galleries, and more varied type treatments for contrast when skimming. I see loads of inspiration every day, and post about half of them as links; it’s time I draw on greater designs.
Better messaging
This is more of a secondary detail, but I recently created a page about the site, and will make a bio page, and probably a contact page as well. I should wrap in some more context to this site, but also be clear that it’s basically a glorified pasteboard for my personal use. If you enjoy some of these references, then great. Just know that I’m not committing anything to readers. No schedule. No writing about X, Y, or Z.