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Insatiable Curiosity

Whenever I’m feeling open to fresh advice, I read the daily message that comes through the Listserve. This morning I happened to read something I’ve always identified with. It wasn’t fresh advice in this case, but certainly a resounding affirmation.

Mark Nichols – Listserve, Oct. 28, 2013
“I am passionate about learning. I think the mind is a muscle that requires exercise in order to be healthy and strong. My father lived to 88 and enjoyed nearly 30 years of retirement, largely, I feel, due to his insatiable curiosity and desire to learn new things.

Four years ago as an adult I started playing the cello. It’s a surprisingly difficult instrument to learn to play well. And music is endlessly complex, with layer upon layer of nuance and meaning to ferret out and understand.

I have what I call an “infinite list”. This is the ever growing list of things I wish to learn or experience. The content of the list is less important, I feel, that having it and having the desire and drive to keep tackling new topics and new experiences.

Age is a state of mind and as long as your mind is young and supple I think you can be ageless — at least to some extent.

What’s on your infinite list?”

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