i whisper praise
to blue mountains walking
their rhythm my gait
two feet walking
i backward step
into oceans of light

the stone woman
gives birth at night
stone becomes child
child becomes stone
when two mix
each is born

mountain toes
walk on water
free in all directions
mountain sees water

water sees itself
self settles on self

water rises to sky
falling as rivers streams
rushing whirling splashing
stream in a drop
water becoming
a wise person

river is water
mountain is water
water flows
beyond river mountain
beyond form emptiness
no bottling up

once in mountains
no person to meet
waking each day
praising mountains rivers
mountains and wise people
falling in love

Tai Sheridan “Snow Falling in Moonlight: Odes in Praise of Dogen’s Shobogenzo.” iBooks.

Ode to Mountains Rivers