About the Site

This site has lived through many purposes and designs. This iteration is about sharing.

One of the best things I’ve learned about blogging (or life in general) is: don’t take it so seriously. Yes, I enjoy the feeling of having written something of my own. Creating content feels like a civic duty in a social web of recycled information and entertainment, but this site won’t be about purely original information. At best, it will be a little of this and a little of that. So, consider no personal claim of ownership for most of what you find here. Sometimes, in fact, I repurpose entire articles as a way of sharing with respect to the full context of the idea(s) I found elsewhere. I do make every effort to point to my sources.

Along with featuring, linking to, or writing about designs and interesting tidbits I really appreciate, I may feature my own work. It’s difficult to blog often about the things I work on because within a design studio, you’re almost always committed to a non-disclosure agreement with the client. Even more unfortunate for my line of work is that while I architect the structure, order of content, and functionality for web sites or apps, these things are considered “internal documents” not meant to ever see the light of day. Had I been a graphic designer, I could easily share screenshots of a website and say, “look, I created these button styles” or “check out my nice type layout on this page.” Wire frames, site maps, annotations… all come before the final product. The best interface or interaction however, should be one that goes unnoticed. So perhaps I should be content as long as there are no complaints.

Lastly, there is schedule or expectation for the frequency or type of posts. I do have a somewhat regular tagging system in place, however, and I invite you to explore the tag cloud on the right side of the site below “tweets” (in desktop browsers).

Some Common Content
Whenever I have a plethora of great links I think my friends must see, I’ll publish a “link drop” here, so save the already inundated news feeds of FaceBookers.

If I’m sharing an excellent blog post from someone else, I’ll blatantly label it as a “reblog“.

When I do have something of my own professional opinion or work, I will tag it with “work.”

Responsive As You Are
If you see anything on this site that looks out of place or doesn’t display properly on your device, please feel free to contact me so I can ensure it looks great on any screen.

At present, I am very happy with the type presentation and mobile break points of this site. The credit is entirely due to Fimply for this free WordPress theme.