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Decentralize it all

Once again, IRL podcast gets me.

In their episode about Decentralized services (and even a decentralized web) they bring up Mastodon. I’ve heard of it many times but never jumped on board because the users just weren’t there.

But here I am on my 12th anniversary of Twitter giving Mastodon an honest try. Here’s my username: @robrogan@social.nasqueron

Not sure if I’m doing it right, but we’ll see

A podcast snippet

Like a pull quote, for audio.

Knowing my blog, in a few years this thing will no longer be supported and it will just be a dead frame. iframes are unreliable bastards.

If the below doesn’t work, just check out the screenshot below ;)


What I’m listening to

I guess people could follow me on Goodreads, but if I want to post more things here then I’ll start listing out my current books.

I have a hard time finding the most perfect, enthralling book (recommendations welcome) but I find lots of pretty interesting ones!

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

There’s a fallacy in that phrase, “if it’s free, then you’re the product.” This book talks about how you’re more like a cow being milked than the thing that’s being sold. Google creates products for you to aim your behavior (e.g. Search) in order to collect behavioral data to feed their machine-learned models, and they sell that to advertisers. You’re a natural resource, which helps them build a thing, and that’s the true product.

Okay I’ll stop there before I lose you.

This podcast I just listened to had a great interview with the author of “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism” by @shoshanazuboff. I think listening to this podcast is the easiest way to introduce the book. Otherwise I’d write some long article here and I’m too lazy for that. So check out this episode from Mozilla’s IRL Podcast.

If you do want to read an article about it, there’s a good one on The Intercept.

Find the book at a local bookshop, at your library, or get it from Audible :)