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Mexico GIFs

Probably my favorite aspect of using Google Photos is the automated GIFs that come out of similar or batch photos. In fact, I’ve changed the way I take pictures now – just to get a cool animation.

The following are from my family trip to Mexico City and Acapulco, Mexico for Thanksgiving. Click to get a better look:

GIF 365

Upping the ante on the popular 365 photos project idea, comes this amazing stream of a animated GIFs by designer Yimbo Escarrega. He’s almost done, too!

I’m starting the year with a project that I liked by Golpeavisa, which is to create something daily, a sketch, an illustration, a photo, or in my case, an animated GIF.
Here I’ll be posting daily the GIFs as they come out and at the end of each month a video with the animations of this month… hopefully I make it to 365.

“Estoy empezando el año con un proyecto que me gustó de los Golpeavisa, que es crear diariamente cualquier cosa, un scketch, una ilustración, una foto o en mi caso un GIF animado.
Aquí voy a ir poniendo diariamente los GIF que vaya sacando y a final de cada mes un video con las animaciones de ese mes… ojalá llegue a los 365.” —Yimbo