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I’m so torn between the inherent nature of sharing that is the Internet, and what I feel is my radical notion that people should be publishing more than sharing. Okay maybe not more than, but there should be a balance! Sharing has consumed and silenced our own little differences. As an extreme paraphrasing of Mill’s “On Liberty:” the more ideas we have to consider, the better our conclusion.

So, speak! Yes you, holding a mouse, keyboard, stylus, touchscreen… interface.

People write academic treatises about the interface as a mere barrier between you and an experience. Yes, it is a barrier. It’s also your sword and shield!

That finger you’re using for a share button on Facebook, a retweet icon, reblog, heart, like, thumbs up… That same finger (and some of its friends) can put your voice into the world. 

You’re going to be wrong. 

You’re going to be right. 

Your stature and credentials don’t matter. Adding another voice always improves the chorus when it comes to global discourse. 

So speak. Sing. And don’t forget to listen.