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Something relaxing

As I’ve learned with this very old blog, embedding stuff from other web pages will probably get stale or even break in a few years. Oh well! The above is a beautiful playlist on IDAGIO, a “classical” music streaming service.

I just put classical in quotes because it has all kinds of things from medieval chants to super modern pieces. When people say Classical, you know what to expect though. Acoustic instruments for the most part ;) Okay there’s my rant on “classical.”

Spotify isn’t the best place to get topic quality performances, but the biggest hits are available. Here’s a particularly nice album by John Cage. It’s mostly calm, minimal piano. Skip to #15 – In A Landscape – for my personal favorite. Stretch out and close your eyes:

That’s all.

Be well :)

Piano Rooms in NYC

What follows is a very sad list of practice rooms for rent. I would love to find a real piano to play on, and not in the theater district, but I guess I can’t be too choosy. I’ll add to this list if I find more. Maybe it will be of some use to other musicians!

244 Rehearsal Studios – $20/hr Baby Grand Pianos
54th & 8th Ave

Chelsea Studios – $20/hr no pictures of space/pianos ???
26th & 6th Ave

Michiko Studios – $20/hr Upright Pianos
47th & 7th Ave

Studios 150 – $17-20/hr Upright Pianos
46th & 7th Ave