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Piano Rooms in NYC

What follows is a very sad list of practice rooms for rent. I would love to find a real piano to play on, and not in the theater district, but I guess I can’t be too choosy. I’ll add to this list if I find more. Maybe it will be of some use to other musicians!

244 Rehearsal Studios – $20/hr Baby Grand Pianos
54th & 8th Ave

Chelsea Studios – $20/hr no pictures of space/pianos ???
26th & 6th Ave

Michiko Studios – $20/hr Upright Pianos
47th & 7th Ave

Studios 150 – $17-20/hr Upright Pianos
46th & 7th Ave

North Brooklyn

A beautiful Spring day!

Snow Day

Woohoo! First big snow storm of the year. It’s supposed to be a huge blizzard, but so far today it’s just heavy snow. Here’s a collection of pictures I took late in the afternoon around Greenpoint (and a couple in Manhattan).

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