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If you see something, Skate something!

si ves algo skate algo

If you see something,
Skate something!

If you see a possible skate spot, the street or the in te park. Don’t keep it to yourself. Don’t tell the police, tell a friend, or an NYC Skate employee. Or call the free shred number 1-666-NYC-SKTE.
All calls will be confidential, for shredding emergencies call 911.

[NYC] Skate Authority

#7 Assault

MTA assaulting sign
Riding the subway to work in the morning, I kept staring at that #7 ASSAULT sign they have in subway cars. It really bothers me that they have a giant, red number 7 that takes precedence over the rest of the text as though it’s a drop cap (but has no paragraph to follow).

Of course, once read, I understand that it’s a disclaimer about assaulting employees, which results in 7 years in prison. At first glance though, I always think: SEVEN, assault… blah blah blah; as though it’s a coffee table book of possible offenses one could commit during their commute. [see what I did there?]

Does the same ever occur to you? Do you mentally plan what could appropriately fill numbers 1 through 6? I should design some for the MTA. You know, just to keep things sequential.

[update: I attempted to look up some quirky laws which resulted in 1-6 years on prison, but ended up educating myself on NY State penal codes and class D felonies. It turns out that class D felonies are punishable by 2 to 7 years in prison. So, there’s no such thing as a law guaranteeing 4 years for example… just that range. It’s pretty depressing thinking about all this, especially when you consider that “assault” can legally be defined as verbally threatening. So you could (probably wouldn’t) go to prison for years if you threaten to injure or kill an MTA employee. Sounds quite harsh, and spurs a whole tangent of thoughts about what punishment is an adequate punishment, and how a single year can feel like an eternity and is probably adequate for most crimes (at least the ones involving yelling and acting like an asshole). Funny comment turned to serious lesson; oops]